MindSpace needs your support

We rely entirely on public funding to run all our weekly activities which are free and open to everyone. We also have a range of exciting projects we are working on and need funding to become a reality.


Enables a member to access our community café and listening service for a week


Pays for one Counselling or Hypnotherapy session.


Provides a weekly Yoga session for one member for the year.


Provides a weekly Art Therapy session for one member for the year


Provides phone line for a month dedicated to supporting members.


Enables one member to attend an 8-week Mindfulness course.


Provides a weekly Boxing for Wellness session for one member for the year.


Pays for a Men’s Shed to provide a specific place for men to meet and connect.

MindSpace Stamford is a registered charity in England (no.1181637) and a registered company (no. 1189840) in England and Wales.

Registered Address: MindSpace Stamford Limited,
Shyp House, 1 Barnack Road,
Stamford, Lincolnshire. PE9 2NA


Working in partnership with:

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